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Global Platform Nairobi

Welcome to ActionAid’s training hub for empowerment and governance in Nairobi.

We train organisations and individuals in getting the knowledge, skills and attitudes to throw off poverty and injustice. Through innovative trainings and capacity development, we aim to unleash the potential of young people by giving them power to do social change.


Do you want to contribute to positive social change? We have developed our own trainings and methods that will enable you to become a global change maker!
Wondering what a Global Platform looks like? Take a look at our excellent training facilities and cosy surroundings for your stay...
Meet our local and international staff that will train you, inspire you and give you an unforgettable time!
We are used to having participants from all over the world; therefore we have collected some of the most common information that people ask for..
What is a Global Platform and why is it there? Please let us introduce you to Global Platform Nairobi...