• Stop corporal punishment
    Young feminists put violent teacher in place Read more
  • Action Mama
    Reclaiming public education in Ghana Read more
  • Mass tax mobilization
    Successful student protests in Bangladesh Read more
  • A fearless lobbyist is born
    Rocío's first attempt as govenment lobbyist Read more
  • I am the new
    Get a peek inside the life of a young salvadoran activist Watch the video
Stories of change
08. August 2017
Today the Kenyans are going to the polls, but beneath the voting paper lurks the fear that their democratic right will have a violent ending.
30. January 2017
A girl in Bangladesh was punished severely by her school teacher. Five young activists decided to put corporal punishment on the political agenda.
13. December 2016
The story about Salamatu Shiraz [ACTION MAMA] and her fight for young girl’s right to education in Ghana.
19. September 2016
In 2015 there was a wave of student protests in Bangladesh against a new university taxation. As a result the government reconsidered the taxation.
17. December 2015
Rocío Fuentes got political self-confidence after participating in two trainings at Global Platform El Salvador.
11. November 2015
Get a peek inside the life of Neoh - a young activist from El Salvador who is using Hip Hop as a tool for campaigning for young people’s rights.
17. October 2015
Three years after the training Min Paing Moe is still determined to give other young people tools to create positive change Myanmar.